(A)Sexual / (A)Social

Ace Week 2022
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Socially Distant

The asexual ‘awkward nerd’ stereotype reflects a broader prejudice that exists against people who are socially atypical. 

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Sociability and sexuality are inextricably linked – in Western societies that promote ‘The Extrovert Ideal’.

E.g. – someone who is socially ‘atypical’ is less likely to be considered sexual / sexually desirable.

Media culture sends the message –  if you’re not socially competent / confident – then you’re not going to be sexually ‘competent’ either.

See – the stereotype of the geeky guy or girl (though usually guy) in glasses who’s never-had-a-boy/girl-friend,

Who’s ‘still’ a virgin.

Such stereotypes are based on the idea that humans are inherently social beings –and that sex forms a part of our innate sociality.

Therefore, if you have social ‘deficits’, it’s likely you’ll have sexual ‘deficits’ as well.

You won’t be sexually desirable.

You won’t have any experience of sex.

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